fredag, mars 02, 2007


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

söndag, mars 26, 2006

Eng C, March 26 2006 - More study material

Hey y'all.

Here's the link to the second and final assignment.

Here's a live link.

I have also put 6 copies in a tray outside my office.

You need to start handing in your material. I don't want to have it all when you come back. You have to respect my workload too. I have time to assess your material NOW, not later.

Good luck!

fredag, mars 10, 2006

Eng C, March 9 2006 - Study material

Hello, my little fan club :-)

Here's the first exercise I want you to do.
Grab this file and answer all the questions.
Then either email the answers in an ordinary email or attach a document.

When you have all done that I'll post the key here for you to see.
Each week I'll give you one exercise like this that you need to hand in.
So for this first week this is it. On Monday I'll put up another one here.

Also, make sure you email me your 2x10 translated sentences from the Lund Championship paper each week. Easiest is to hand in 10 on each Monday and Thursday (or something of that accord). So for this week you need to post the first 20 a.s.a.p. On Monday I will expect the next 10.

"Ohhhh, noooo, don't give us this much work ..."

Well, you should've already done the first 20 sentences and handed them in, like we agreed on.

Best of luck!
/ Kim

Here's the file you should download.

lördag, mars 04, 2006

Tired of Microsoft forcing your hand?

Gentoo Linux

My current operating system.
IMHO the most flexible and user friendly Linux distro I have worked with.

tisdag, januari 31, 2006

Bor du i Skåne och letar efter ett bra gymnasium?

Infokomp - en skola att längta till

Vi har precis lagt till två nya program som startar till hösten.

Så nu erbjuder vi följande fyra program:

SP med inriktning IT, Kommunikation och Ledarskap.
HP med inriktning Turism, Kommunikation och Ledarskap.
SP med inriktning Ekonomi och Juridik.
SP med inriktning Personal och Beteende.


söndag, januari 29, 2006

Suger din hemsida? Se till att fixa det då!

Om du någonsin har ett behov av att lära dig hur man fixar en juste websida, då är det hit du ska gå.

- - - W e b d e s i g n s k o l a n - - -

En helt otrolig samling av matnyttigt för den intresserade.
Deras samlings-cd med allt webmaterial (och mer) verkar helt sjukt bra.